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Announcing Bannon Leadership Consulting!

I’m excited today to officially launch Bannon Leadership Consulting.  This new venture, which will exist as the parent organization to Bannon Communications, really brings structure to much of what I’ve been doing in recent years – working to help corporate and community leaders clearly define where they want to take the organizations and regions about which they’re so passionate and then to realize that vision.

I’ve been blessed throughout the course of my career to have opportunities to work with so many amazing leaders – CEOs of Fortune 500 companies; elected officials at virtually every level of government; regional chamber of commerce and economic development executives dedicated to building stronger, more vibrant places to live, work, run a business or raise a family; the heads of large charitable organizations and small nonprofits born out of one caring soul’s need to lift up those in need; and even a few household names from the world of professional sports.

I’ve been in position day after day to see how great leaders lead – how they keep moving toward the light at the end of a long, dark tunnel even as so many others … and so many obstacles … threaten to knock them off course.  And I’ve been there to see some not-so-great leaders fail – people who were born with the drive to lead but believed they could succeed on potential alone.  And now I’m looking to share with others the lessons I’ve learned over more than 15 years in the company of these women and men of distinction.

I’m excited about opportunities that are on the horizon and the chances I’ll have through Bannon Leadership Consulting to help good people achieve great things in their businesses or the communities that they call home.  I’ve been asked to come and share a lot of these lessons with business and community organizations in the past – to help them organize, plan and execute for greater success.  And this new organizational structure will help me to do that in more formal, more effective way for both consulting clients and audiences who are interested in my message.

So please take some time to poke around the site,  Take a minute to sign up for the RSS feed on the left to be notified of future updates, follow @BannonLdrshp on Twitter, and leave a comment if you’ve got something to share or send me an e-mail to let me know how I can help you realize your vision.

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